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Research Firm Predicts Bitcoin Slump May Trigger a Promising Rally

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Bitcoin Slump Continues, but Optimism Remains for a Rebound


Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, is currently experiencing a slump. Despite recent positive legal rulings, the downward trend has erased any gains generated by these court decisions.

Market Observers Predict a Bullish Rebound

Although bitcoin has seen a modest one-week gain, it is not enough to offset recent losses. However, many market observers believe that a rebound is imminent and that strong fundamentals will support this recovery.

Bernstein, in a recent note to clients, highlighted that recent legal rulings, including one in favor of Grayscale against the SEC, are catalysts for bitcoin. When the rebound occurs, it is expected to be driven by institutional buyers rather than retail investors.

Gautam Chhugani from Bernstein stated, “This is a cycle slower to take off, but is being laid on much stronger fundamental grounds of regulatory clarity and more strategic long-term players entering the space.”

Other Factors to Consider

While there was initial enthusiasm following the Grayscale ruling, it ultimately became a “sell the news” event as it does not guarantee the launch of spot bitcoin ETFs.

Despite the uncertainty, Chhugani believes that a spot bitcoin ETF is just a matter of time. Once approved, it could open the floodgates for the industry. Fund issuers see it as an opportunity to generate fees from a growing asset class.

Chhugani predicts that the first Bitcoin ETF could be launched between mid-October 2023 and mid-March 2024. This development could also fuel rallies in other digital assets, as ETF sponsors are already filing for products tied to other cryptocurrencies.


While bitcoin is currently experiencing a slump, there is optimism for a rebound driven by institutional buyers. The potential approval of a spot bitcoin ETF could be a game-changer for the industry and lead to further growth in the cryptocurrency market.

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