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Report Reveals: Majority of Crypto Trading Volume Dominated by Only Eight Exchanges

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In the Dynamic World of Cryptocurrency Trading, Eight Exchanges Control the Market


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading, a handful of exchanges have emerged as dominant forces, holding a substantial share of market liquidity. Recent data sheds light on this concentration, revealing that a mere eight platforms control the lion’s share of the market depth and trading volume.

Concentration of Market Depth and Trading Volume

According to a recent analysis by data analytics firm Kaiko, a significant portion of the cryptocurrency market’s depth — nearly 92% — and trading volume — specifically 90% — are concentrated in just eight exchanges. Binance alone accounted for over 30% of the global market depth and a massive 60% of the trade volumes globally this year. Other notable exchanges on the list include Coinbase, OKX, and Huobi.

Implications of Highly Concentrated Crypto Markets

“Highly concentrated crypto markets are both a good and bad thing. There is undoubtedly a shortage of liquidity, which when spread thin across many exchanges and trading pairs can exacerbate volatility and disrupt the price discovery process,” Kaiko analysts Dessislava Aubert and Clara Medalie said in a note, according to Bloomberg.

Potential Industry Pitfalls

The analysts further noted the potential industry pitfalls, such as significant disruptions, citing the collapse of FTX.

Scrutinizing Liquidity Measures and Trading Volumes

The crypto market witnessed a tumultuous period last year with a substantial dip in prices, leading to a massive exit of investors who had incurred losses amounting to billions of dollars. Since then, many crypto analysts have reportedly been scrutinizing liquidity measures and trading volumes.

Lowest Crypto Trading Volumes of the Year

August recorded the lowest crypto trading volumes of the year. The total volume encompassing spot and derivatives trading plummeted by 11.5% to $2.09 trillion, a figure only surpassed by the low recorded in October 2020, data compiled by CCData revealed.

Increased Volatility in the Crypto Market

Despite a period of relative stability in the summer, the crypto market is showing signs of increased volatility, with Bitcoin experiencing larger fluctuations recently.


The concentration of market depth and trading volume in just eight exchanges highlights the challenges and potential risks in the cryptocurrency market. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for investors and analysts to closely monitor liquidity measures and trading volumes to ensure stability and mitigate potential disruptions.

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