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Renowned Author Robert Kiyosaki Forecasts Bitcoin to Surge Beyond $50,000 as BTC Shatters $30,000 Barrier

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“Renowned financial guru Robert Kiyosaki predicts a skyrocketing future for Bitcoin as it smashes through the $30,000 mark, revealing an eye-opening price target that could reshape the cryptocurrency landscape.”

Best-selling finance author Robert Kiyosaki believes that Bitcoin (BTC) is set to meteorically rise now that it has taken out the key psychological level of $30,000.

The Rich Dad Poor Dad author tells his 2.4 million followers on the social media platform X that he thinks hard assets such as gold, Bitcoin, and silver are all poised to witness big bursts to the upside.

“Gold will soon break through $2,100 and then take off. You will wish you had bought gold below $2,000. Next stop gold $3,700. Bitcoin testing $30,000. Next stop Bitcoin $135,000. Silver from $23 to $68 an ounce. Savers of fake dollars F’d. Please tell your friends to ‘wake up.’ Take care.”

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading for $30,121. A move to Kiyosaki’s target suggests an upside potential of about 350% for BTC.

The popular author also notes that those who save US dollars and refuse to accumulate hard assets will likely be left behind due to persistent inflation.

“INFLATION makes the POOR and the MIDDLE CLASS poorer because they work for and save dollars. Yet INFLATION makes the RICH RICHER. Why? Because today’s rich work for and save gold, silver, and Bitcoin.”

Earlier this month, Kiyosaki said that Bitcoin, gold, silver, and cash will likely become priceless as the Federal Reserve gears up to introduce a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

“Fed CBDC is coming. Privacy gone. Big Brother will be watching. When CBDC enters the market, gold, silver, Bitcoin, and cash will become priceless. Start saving GSBC (gold, silver, and Bitcoin) and cash now before it’s too late.”

It’s clear that Kiyosaki sees great potential in Bitcoin and other hard assets, and he urges his followers to consider diversifying their savings to include these assets. As always, it’s important to do your own research and make informed investment decisions.

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