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Redditors Dive into the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle: Uncovering the Truth or Myth?

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I’ve been looking for non-KYC exchanges lately to swap some of my ETH, and some of my friends suggested that non-KYC exchanges are a lot better nowadays.

I can only remember that when I signed up for Binance, I had to use my government ID. Due to this, I was hesitating about whether I should have Binance scan it or not, but I went with it anyway because I needed an exchange.

Then came the issues with the SEC in June, and an update in September where additional charges were filed. With all the recent news lately, I feel like now is the time for me to try and secure my assets. So I’m thinking of using a DEX or any similar swapping platform.

According to them, most DEXes don’t require KYC, but I also heard that some CEXes don’t need KYC. So, I researched and found these exchanges:

– **Houdini Swap** – suggested by a friend. Apparently, the transactions made here are anonymous and I don’t need to link my wallet to swap and bridge. I can also choose if I want my transaction to be private or semi-private which, for me, is a huge plus. Apparently, they are an aggregator, so you get the best pricing.

– **HODL HODL** – their name seems a bit sus to me and I think this is only for BTC? I still want to try it because it’s straightforward minus the obligatory signing up. Anyone who has tried this? I haven’t tried signing up yet.

– **dYdX** – looks promising though I find it a bit intimidating and a bit similar to Binance. This is my last option because I still need to link my wallet and there are still lots of steps to take which I find a bit of a hassle.

Overall, I’m looking for something with top-notch security as much as possible. I know that many DeFi and Web3 services claim to be secure, but I’m not so sure. I’m also skeptical of reviews from Reddit unless that negative review is covered in mainstream news or if it’s criticism related to some customer service issue.

But I really don’t mind the fees, as long as they are reasonable and, once again, secure.

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