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Pave BK Review: Unveiling the Revolutionary Street-Legal Electric Motorbike Powered by Blockchain Technology

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The Pave BK: A Premium, Street-Legal Motorbike with Blockchain Technology

The Pave BK: A Premium, Street-Legal Motorbike with Blockchain Technology


The Pave BK is a premium 30 mph, fully street-legal motorbike that strikes a great balance between fun and utility. It offers impressive features and incorporates blockchain technology for added security and ride-sharing capabilities.

Quick Specs

  • Motor: 3000w brushless rear hub motor
  • Top speed: 30 mph
  • Range: Up to 50 miles
  • Battery: Premium Lithium-Ion 21700 50.4v, 39.2 ah
  • Charge time: Stock Charger to 80%: 8 h, fast charger to 80 % in 1 hour
  • Max load: 300 lbs / 150 kg
  • Weight: 101 lbs without battery
  • Suspension: Single crown inverted suspension fork in front and comfortable seat for rear
  • Brakes: Single piston automotive brakes
  • Extras: Lock & Unlock: Pave+ Phone Application (iOS & Android) or NFC card, Connectivity: BLE, LTE, Anti-theft: GPS based tracking system
  • Price: $6,900

The Tech

What sets the BK apart from other e-bike manufacturers is its integration with blockchain technology for security and ride-sharing capabilities. Each BK bike comes with an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that acts as a digital title, proving ownership and recording important data such as a VIN number and an odometer reading. The NFT token also acts as a key, preventing unauthorized access to the bike. Additional safety features include a shake-wake feature that notifies the owner when the bike is being moved and activates GPS tracking even when the main battery is removed. The bike also allows users to set up digital contracts for ride-sharing, with specific requirements and deposits set by the owner.

The Ride

The BK offers a comfortable ride with its 32-inch seat that can accommodate up to two people. Its higher riding position and lightweight design make it nimble and capable of maneuvering through traffic easily. The bike has adequate braking power and features regenerative braking. It offers three different ride modes and a boost mode, with a top speed of 30 mph in just 3.7 seconds. Switching between modes can be done on the go, without stopping.

Utility and Design

The BK’s physical design is minimalistic, with the battery hidden under the seat and a hollowed-out middle section. Optional attachments, such as a spacious basket, saddlebags, and rear storage, provide ample storage space. The middle section can even accommodate two extra batteries, extending the range to 150 miles. For quick charging, a fast charger is available, providing 80% charge in just one hour. Other features include passenger pegs and a built-in phone holder in the front.

Electric’s Take

The Pave BK is a fun and utility-focused electric motorbike that is 100% street-legal. It can be ridden with a regular driver’s license and offers enhanced security features. The use of blockchain technology in electric motorbikes is an exciting development, although its real-world implementation is still relatively new. While there may be some initial challenges, the potential for renting these bikes in new cities and utilizing the fast charger is promising. Overall, the Pave BK offers a unique and innovative riding experience.

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