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Onramp Unveils Innovative Global Bitcoin Asset Management Platform Leveraging Multi-Institution Custody

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“Onramp revolutionizes the world of cryptocurrency investing with its groundbreaking global Bitcoin asset management platform, offering secure multi-institution custody for unparalleled peace of mind.”

Onramp, a bitcoin asset-management platform, has officially launched its multi-institution custody solution, marking a significant improvement in bitcoin custody. The platform, in partnership with BitGo, Coincover, and Kingdom Trust, aims to provide institutional allocators, financial intermediaries, and high net worth individuals with a trust-minimized custodial solution that eliminates single points of failure. The Onramp custody solution combines the strengths of self-custody with traditional institutional custody to maximize security while minimizing counterparty risk. It leverages bitcoin’s multi-sig capabilities to create institutional-grade vaults controlled by three institutional keyholders. Each key is held by a different institution with expertise in bitcoin custody, ensuring best-in-class security. The solution has already attracted early clients such as Kingdom Trust/Choice IRA, BitStop, CoinMENA, and Mash. Onramp’s multi-institution custody solution is a step-function improvement on existing options, eliminating custody challenges and unlocking access to bitcoin for institutional capital allocators. Additionally, Onramp offers a full suite of products and services tailored to the needs of high net worth individuals, financial intermediaries, and institutional allocators, including bitcoin custody, a bitcoin fund, and turnkey asset management programs. The platform’s team has diverse experience across the investment management, private wealth, venture capital, technology, and management consulting industries, and is committed to providing education and advisory services to investors. Onramp’s strategic advisory board includes David Thayer, executive advisor at Blackstone. For more information, interested individuals can contact Jesse Myers, COO of Onramp, or Michael Tanguma, CEO of Onramp.

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