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NYC Spa Harnesses Bitcoin Mining to Power Hot Tubs, Offering Eco-Friendly Relaxation

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“Revolutionizing relaxation and sustainability, this NYC spa harnesses the power of Bitcoin mining to create a truly unique and eco-friendly spa experience.”

Bathhouse, a popular spa located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is known for its trendy atmosphere and luxurious amenities. However, what sets Bathhouse apart from other spas is its unique method of heating its pools – through bitcoin mining.

In a recent post by investigative journalist Paris Martineau, Bathhouse’s use of bitcoin to warm its baths has been brought back into the spotlight. According to Bathhouse’s website, they started mining bitcoin in 2022 as a pilot project to test the feasibility of using it to heat their pools. They use off-the-shelf ASICs, which are computers designed specifically for bitcoin mining, and convert them for immersion cooling. The heat generated by the ASICs is then used to warm the pools.

Bathhouse claims that their method of heating pools is essentially energy-neutral, as they are using the heat from the miners instead of electric heaters. However, skeptics argue that bitcoin mining is a massive energy drain, making it hard to believe that Bathhouse is using less energy than traditional heating methods.

To get a better understanding of the efficiency of such a setup, Linus of Linus Tech Tips, who has a similar at-home system, was consulted. He explained that the larger the body of water and the higher the target temperature, the more ASICs or servers would be needed. While it is possible to dump nearly all of the energy spent into heating a pool, it is unlikely to achieve a perfect balance between the heat output of the systems and the energy needs of the water.

Linus also mentioned that using a heat pump instead of a mining ASIC could cut electricity usage by 50%. This raises questions about the true energy neutrality of Bathhouse’s bitcoin mining method.

While the concept of using bitcoin to heat pools may seem innovative, it is important to consider the environmental impact and energy efficiency of such practices. Until there is more clarity on the actual energy consumption and efficiency of Bathhouse’s bitcoin baths, some may choose to hold off on visiting the spa.

As the conversation surrounding bitcoin’s environmental impact continues, it will be interesting to see how other industries and businesses incorporate cryptocurrency into their operations.

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