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Mother’s Fortunate Windfall: Over $10 Million Awarded in Compensation Following Cryptocurrency Exchange Mishap

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It can be complicated and unexpected for many, but a mother who immigrated to Australia in 2015 to provide her family with a better life found herself in a very exceptional situation. Due to a cryptocurrency exchange error, she suddenly and temporarily became a millionaire.

From a Hardworking Immigrant to a Crypto Millionaire?

Thevamangari Manivel had tough jobs like working on a cotton farm and cleaning. But when her then boyfriend Jatinder Singh told her about it, he suddenly won $10 million. Suddenly, life seemed to be smiling at her.

However, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Actually, Singh only deposited $100 in the crypto exchange, which will be recovered within the deposit due to a name error. But here a fatal error occurred: an employee of the cryptocurrency exchange entered an account number in the field where the amount should actually be mentioned. This resulted in approximately $10.4 million being transferred to Maneville.

It’s Too Good to Be True, Even in the Cryptocurrency World

Despite the strange circumstances, Manivel did not immediately take the right steps, even though she had done nothing wrong at first. When the bank contacted her for a refund, she instead made two separate transfers worth $2 million to a Malaysian bank account. This was not appreciated by the bank.

Although she later claimed she believed the messages from her bank were fraudulent, she was arrested at Melbourne Airport in March 2022. She was heading to Malaysia with a one-way ticket and more than $11,000 in cash. Last week, Manivel was sentenced to 209 days in jail and must also perform 200 hours of community service.

The judge noted that Manivel’s criminal actions were a “shortcut” to the financial goal she had previously tried to achieve through hard work. Now her visa status is on the line. Meanwhile, Singh’s ex-boyfriend is about to be sentenced for his role in the case.

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