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MetaMask Expands its Reach to Multiple Blockchain Networks with the Launch of Snaps

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MetaMask Introduces Snaps for Expanding Usage on Other Blockchain Networks

MetaMask Introduces Snaps for Expanding Usage on Other Blockchain Networks


Widely used Web3 wallet MetaMask introduced a new software mechanism called Snaps for expanding usage on other blockchain networks that were originally incompatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Compatibility with Non-EVM Blockchains

  • Snaps will enable MetaMask’s use on non-EVM blockchains such as Cosmos, Solana, and Starknet, among others.

Expansion Beyond Ethereum

Until now, MetaMask was operational on Ethereum and Ethereum-compatible blockchains such as BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

What is Snap?

Snap was developed by Consensys and is a software module that can be blended into the MetaMask wallet for different add-on features; one of them being adaptability with multiple blockchain ecosystems with a specialized code.

Launch of Snaps

  • MetaMask plans the launch of 34 Snaps with different characteristics that are audited and selected by the team.
  • The wallet company has tied up with more than 150 developers to accelerate the Snaps development work.
  • Third-party developers will be allowed to independently ship and maintain Snaps.

MINA Protocol Integration

MINA Protocol will be the first integration into MetaMask Snaps.

  • Mina Foundation, a public benefit corporation serving the Mina Protocol and developer partner SotaTek, disclosed the same.
  • It will be one of the first non-EVM chains through which MetaMask users will be able to manage their MINA assets efficiently.


MetaMask’s introduction of Snaps opens up new possibilities for expanding its usage on various blockchain networks. With the launch of 34 Snaps and the integration of the MINA Protocol, MetaMask aims to foster interoperability and provide users with more options for managing their assets.

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