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Mastermind behind £1.2m Bitcoin heist that left woman assaulted with Toblerone apprehended

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“Unveiling the intricate puzzle behind the audacious £1.2m Bitcoin theft, it turns out that a mastermind manipulated the strings while a bizarre twist left a woman inadvertently struck by a Toblerone of consequences.”

A man in Scotland is facing jail time after being found guilty of having stolen cryptocurrency in his account. The robbery took place in March 2020 and involved a violent attack on a house in Lanarkshire. During the incident, a woman was injured after being struck with a personalized Toblerone chocolate bar. The accused, John Ross-D’Alfonso, was described as the “technical” brains behind the crime. He denied being part of the raid, claiming that a relative had forced him to put the money into his account. While he was cleared of assault and robbery charges, he was found guilty of reset and will be sentenced later this month. The incident is believed to be the first robbery in Scotland involving stolen cryptocurrency. Detectives from Police Scotland’s cyber investigations unit were able to trace the movement of the stolen funds to D’Alfonso’s bitcoin wallet. This case highlights the police’s commitment to tackling criminality in the digital space and bringing offenders to justice.

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