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Lugano’s Sustainable Initiative: Bitcoin Mining Revolutionized with Excess Energy

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“Lugano’s sustainable initiative harnesses the power of excess energy to fuel Bitcoin mining, pioneering a greener approach to cryptocurrency that not only secures transactions but also promotes environmental sustainability.”

On October 17, 2023, Gabbani, a well-known hospitality company in Lugano, Switzerland, announced an initiative that aims to strengthen Lugano’s position as a leading European hub for blockchain technology. The project focuses on utilizing surplus energy from Gabbani’s food manufacturing facilities for Bitcoin mining.

Lugano has already established itself as a significant blockchain center in Europe, showcasing the practical applications of blockchain technology in its local communities. The city has incorporated cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, and LVGA for various payment methods and has implemented educational programs to foster long-term adoption of blockchain. Gabbani’s decision to establish a cutting-edge Bitcoin mining infrastructure within its manufacturing facility further solidifies Lugano’s role as a leader in embracing decentralized technologies.

In addition to this initiative, Gabbani has also introduced a new product called “the Banettone.” This product aligns with Plan ₿, a collaborative effort between the City of Lugano and Tether. The goal of Plan ₿ is to accelerate the adoption and practical application of Bitcoin technology, transforming Lugano’s financial framework.

Gabbani’s manufacturing facility, where the Banettone and other items are produced, has recently installed a 100k KW solar panel system. This upgrade serves a dual purpose by enhancing Gabbani’s energy self-reliance and allowing the company to utilize surplus energy produced during the manufacturing process for Bitcoin mining.

This initiative by Gabbani offers a proactive safeguard against the volatility of energy prices, especially in Europe, amidst global geopolitical uncertainties. It positions Gabbani as a pioneer in its sector and has the potential to establish a new global standard. By combining its long-standing history of high-quality food production with contemporary technologies, Gabbani demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable future and ongoing growth.

ACME, a Swiss firm specializing in Bitcoin mining and renewable energies, has played a vital role in bringing this transformative project to life. Motivated by Lugano’s Plan ₿, ACME has collaborated with global corporations like Tether on multiple projects, including those in Uruguay. ACME has provided Gabbani SA with a state-of-the-art, turnkey solution to ensure the successful implementation of the initiative.

Plan ₿ is a joint initiative between the City of Lugano and Tether, aiming to integrate Bitcoin technology as a foundational element of Lugano’s financial ecosystem. The plan envisions incorporating blockchain and Bitcoin into various aspects of daily life in Lugano, from small transactions with local merchants to larger activities like annual tax payments.

Overall, Gabbani’s initiative and partnership with ACME, along with Lugano’s Plan ₿, demonstrate the city’s commitment to embracing blockchain technology and positioning itself as a leader in the industry.

[Featured Image via Gabbani]

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