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Kayak Revolutionizes Corporate Travel with New Blockchain-Powered Enterprise Solution: The Block

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Travel search engine Kayak partners with Blockskye to launch blockchain-based corporate travel solution

Travel search engine Kayak has announced a partnership with blockchain startup Blockskye to launch a blockchain-based solution for corporate travel. The solution aims to eliminate the need for expense reporting for flights and provide a secure, encrypted, single version of the truth for all parties involved.

Kayak for Business Enterprise

Kayak for Business Enterprise is the enterprise-focused solution that builds on the existing Kayak for Business tool launched in 2020 for small- and medium-sized organisations. The new solution is designed to cater to the needs of large companies and offers features such as direct payment between companies and participating major carriers.

Blockskye’s vision for blockchain in travel

Blockskye believes that blockchain technology can provide a distributed and transparent source of record for all actors in the travel industry. By tokenizing assets and ensuring that all parties have access to the same data at the same time, the company aims to eliminate confusion and errors caused by batched processes and file transfers.

The benefits of blockchain for business travel

With business travel, it is common for a third-party actor to handle administrative tasks and make changes to tickets. By recording these changes on the blockchain, any party involved can access the latest version of the ticket and make necessary updates. Additionally, the blockchain-based solution enables direct payment between companies and airlines, eliminating the need for expense reporting.

Other features of Kayak for Business Enterprise

  • Real-time breakdown of loyalty benefits during checkout
  • CO2 emissions calculator for simplified reporting
  • Integration with third-party business apps such as calendar, HR, and ERP

Partnership with Kayak

Blockskye co-CEO and co-founder Michael Share stated that Kayak was the ideal platform to partner with for their vision of a new way of booking business travel. Kayak CEO Steve Hafner emphasized the benefits of blockchain technology in streamlining corporate travel and reducing overall business costs.

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