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Jump’s Crypto Specialists Join Blockchain-Focused Startup, Paving the Way for New Innovations in the Crypto Industry

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A Group of Specialists Leave Jump Crypto to Start New Software Company

A group of specialists at Jump Crypto, one of the digital-asset world’s top market-making firms, have left to start a new software company focused on developing a financial data feed project built on blockchains.

Co-Founders and Collaboration

Former Jump employees Mike Cahill, Jayant Krishnamurthy, and Ciaran Cronin have co-founded Douro Labs to work closely with the Pyth Network, a blockchain-based data service, according to a statement Tuesday. The group of 19 includes six others from Jump’s crypto team who were already working on Pyth, a representative for Douro Labs said.

Pyth Network and its Importance

Pyth Network is well known in the crypto industry because its data contributors…

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