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How to Efficiently Perform Batch Requests to Ethereum/Metamask Using Flutter and web3js

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“Unlock the potential of web3js and Flutter by harnessing the power of batch requests to seamlessly interact with Ethereum and Metamask, optimizing your app’s performance and user experience.”

What I need is a way to create a batch request to Ethereum for my transactions in Flutter web. Currently, I am looking at two specific libraries: web3dart and Flutter_web3.

Web3dart, which seems to be the more popular choice among users, is based on web3.js. However, even though web3.js supports batch requests, it appears that the library available for Flutter does not have this functionality.

On the other hand, Flutter_web3 uses ether.js as a reference point. Ether.js added support for batch requests in version 5.1.1 through the JsonRpcBatchProvider. Unfortunately, the Flutter library does not have this capability.

So my question is, how can one make a batch request in Flutter? It is possible that I have missed something or overlooked a solution. If anyone has a solution or knows if it can be done in Flutter currently, please let me know.

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