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Holoride Revolutionizes Virtual Reality Gaming with Ethereum Bridge on MultiversX, Accelerating RIDE Token’s Potential

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“Holoride’s groundbreaking integration of Ethereum Bridge on MultiversX marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing immersive entertainment, unleashing the true power and potential of the RIDE token for an unparalleled virtual reality experience like never before.”

holoride, the pioneer of extended reality in-vehicle entertainment, recently announced the launch of a cross-chain bridge between the MultiversX and Ethereum blockchains. This bridge allows for seamless digital asset transfers of RIDE, the utility token of the holoride platform, across both blockchain protocols.

The introduction of this bridge expands the reach of holoride’s RIDE token to new heights. RIDE is designed to enhance the connection between holoride subscribers, creators, and business partners by providing additional benefits that enhance engagement and add value for all users. With the bridge between MultiversX and Ethereum, RIDE holders now have the freedom to trade and store their tokens on either blockchain platform.

Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride, expressed excitement about the Ethereum bridge, stating that it aligns with their technology-agnostic approach and unlocks more freedom for RIDE holders. He emphasized that MultiversX is and will always be their home base, and they are committed to offering new and exciting opportunities to their community.

The creation of this bridge is part of holoride’s ongoing commitment to expanding its Web3 footprint and providing a transparent, secure, and personalized in-car entertainment experience. The company has recently ventured into the blockchain space through partnerships and collaborations, showcasing their dedication to innovation and value creation within their ecosystem.

RIDE is currently available on several platforms, including xExchange,, MEXC, and BitMart. After the bridge goes live, RIDE will also be available on Uniswap on Ethereum.

To learn more about holoride, visit their website at For more information about Ethereum, click here.

About MultiversX:
MultiversX, formerly known as Elrond, is a high-throughput public blockchain that combines state, network, and transaction sharding aspects in an adaptive architecture. It aims to provide security, efficiency, scalability, and interoperability beyond the current state-of-the-art.

About holoride:
holoride is a Munich-based company founded in 2018 that combines virtual reality and real-time data from in-motion vehicles to create transformative entertainment experiences. Their platform, known as the “Motorverse,” delivers immersive experiences while reducing motion sickness. The RIDE token enhances the social content ecosystem by offering a customizable and user-authored experience. holoride has received several accolades and awards, including recognition from TIME Magazine and Forbes.

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