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Galxe Forms Strategic Partnership with Kroma, Backed by Gaming Giant Wemade, to Implement Lightscale’s Ethereum Layer 2 Solution

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“Galxe revolutionizes the gaming industry by joining forces with Kroma, Lightscale’s groundbreaking Ethereum Layer 2 solution, supported by none other than gaming giant Wemade.”

Leading web3 community platform, Galxe, and Lightscale’s Ethereum Layer 2 solution, Kroma, have announced their platform integration and strategic partnership. Lightscale, a subsidiary of game developer Wemade, has been addressing Ethereum’s scalability issues and recently rolled out the Kroma mainnet. The Kroma ecosystem hosts popular apps such as iZUMI Finance, Owlto Finance, Superbridge, and Tally. With the integration of Galxe, the partnership aims to drive growth across major social media platforms and fortify the NFT ecosystem.

Galxe, with over 13 million unique users, has played a significant role in the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and supports numerous partners through reward-based loyalty programs. The platform receives over 6.8 million monthly visitors, making it a popular destination for web3 enthusiasts.

Through this collaboration, Galxe will enhance Kroma’s marketing campaigns, streamline the onboarding process for new users, and support community development initiatives. The integration efforts are expected to be completed by November 2023. Galxe’s website will incorporate features from the Kroma network, while Kroma will introduce a new on-chain dashboard and enhanced community membership features.

Charles Wayn, Co-Founder of Galxe, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the shared vision to accelerate blockchain technology adoption. TK Park, CEO of Lightscale, highlighted the significance of introducing Kroma to Galxe’s wide user base and their plans for mutual growth in the future.

Galxe is a leading platform for building web3 communities, with integration across 16 different blockchains. They offer reward-based loyalty programs and credential data network to power growth, increase community engagement, and generate brand awareness.

Kroma, built by Lightscale, is a universal Ethereum Layer 2 platform utilizing ZK Proof technology. It aims to provide pragmatic, adaptive, and user-friendly L2 solutions for the Ethereum ecosystem.

For more information about Galxe, visit their website, read the documentation, follow them on Twitter, read their Medium blog, join their Discord, or subscribe to their newsletter. To learn more about Kroma, visit their website.

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