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FTX Creditor Liquidations Spark Concerns as BTC Price-Volatility Correlation Turns Negative

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The Impending U.S. August CPI Data and its Impact on Crypto Assets


The upcoming release of the U.S. August Consumer Price Index (CPI) data is expected to reveal a rebound in inflation. This could potentially lead to the Federal Reserve (Fed) implementing additional measures to tighten liquidity in order to control reflation. As a result, the liquidity stored in crypto assets may be withdrawn and redirected towards other assets such as cash or U.S. stocks.

Impact on Crypto Assets

Ardern, a renowned financial analyst, highlights the potential consequences of the impending CPI data on crypto assets. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The Fed’s response: If the CPI data indeed shows a rebound in inflation, it is highly likely that the Fed will take steps to tighten liquidity in the market.
  • Priority of liquidity redistribution: In such situations, liquidity redistribution typically prioritizes assets other than crypto assets. This means that the liquidity stored in crypto assets could be withdrawn and invested in assets like cash or U.S. stocks.


The release of the U.S. August CPI data is anticipated to have a significant impact on the financial market, including the crypto asset sector. As the Fed takes measures to curb reflation, liquidity stored in crypto assets may be redirected towards other investment options. It is important for investors to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly.

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