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Franklin Templeton Enters the Arena with Ethereum ETF Registration Amid Heightened Competition

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Get ahead in the game with Franklin Templeton as they register for a spot Ethereum ETF, boosting their competitive edge in the growing cryptocurrency market. Stay informed and make smart investment decisions with a trusted human touch.

The competition for a spot Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) is heating up, with Franklin Templeton officially entering the race. This move comes after the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC) approved 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs in January, marking a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency industry.

A spot crypto ETF, like the approved spot Bitcoin ETFs, tracks the market price of the underlying digital asset, providing investors with exposure to the token without direct purchase. With Franklin Templeton’s registration, there are now eight ETF providers competing to introduce spot Ethereum ETFs, all of which had rolled out spot Bitcoin products in the same month.

However, despite its entry into the competition, Franklin Templeton is positioned near the bottom of the league table in terms of assets. While leading contenders like BlackRock and Fidelity boast assets of $4.18 billion and $3.49 billion, respectively, Franklin Templeton’s assets in its Bitcoin ETF total only $77 million. Despite this, the firm is actively marketing its spot Bitcoin ETF through Google ads, showing its commitment to gaining traction in the market.

Recent SEC decisions have also impacted other players in the crypto ETF race. The regulator delayed its verdict on Grayscale Investments’ application to convert its Ethereum trust product into a spot ETF. Similarly, BlackRock’s application for a similar product faced a delay. VanEck was the first to file for a spot Ethereum ETF, and the SEC must decide on its approval or denial by May 23.

If approved, Coinbase Custody, a unit of crypto exchange Coinbase, will hold the proposed ETF’s Ethereum in custody. Notably, Coinbase Custody is also the proposed custodian for BlackRock’s Ethereum ETF.

Overall, the race for spot crypto ETFs is intensifying, with major players vying for a piece of the growing market. As the competition heats up, the industry is eagerly awaiting regulatory decisions that will shape the future of crypto ETFs.

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