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Exploring the Synergy between Bitcoin, Property Rights, and Crowdfunding: Unveiling a Fresh Perspective through Social Media

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Bitcoin’s Impact on the Future

“Think about how since 1923, the majority of our books have been written, majority of knowledge about astronomy gained, majority of human population have been born,” bitcoin advocate Luke Broyles said in our interview. His observations reference the exponential growth in economic and societal development over the past 100 years, but according to Broyles, this is just the beginning.

Broyles works for The Bitcoin Advisor, a company that assists individuals with bitcoin self-custody. He explained in our interview how bitcoin is fundamentally changing the relationship between property rights and legal jurisdictions.

“Three keys on three continents under three jurisdictions means this asset is unlike anything ever before,” Broyles said about the custody structure that their company provides.

Bitcoin allows for multi-signature wallet structures, requiring multiple digital signatures to approve an outbound transaction. By geographically distributing the keys, holders are able to add a layer of security through jurisdictional diversification.

Boyles also commented on the ability to “time lock” bitcoin, removing it from the jurisdiction of present to sometime in the future. “For all useable purposes, it is the first asset that can be teleported into the future,” Boyles concluded.

The unique characteristics that Broyles describes are why he thinks that the money of 2023 will not survive the transition into the future.

Crowdfunding Reimagined

Another example of bitcoin’s growing utility is the ability to raise funds for causes instantly from around the globe, circumventing banking restrictions and censorship regimes.

Geyser Fund has been operational since November 2022 and is doing just that. To date, Geyser has facilitated over 24 BTC, or $600,000 in crowdfunding according to data provided in our interview.

“The cool thing is that 50% of contributions come from non-crowdfunded regions of the world, and 40% of projects also lunched from there,” Geyser said about their demographics. According to their estimates, companies like GoFundMe, are excluding 85% of the world’s population, something that Geyser intends to fix.

Broyles is also leveraging this technology to raise funds for a documentary titled The Case For Bitcoin. While Broyles has used traditional methods like GoFundMe, the bulk of the funds have originated from his Geyser Fund efforts, with over 250 contributors from around the world.

A New Take On Social Networking

The Orange Pill App is bitcoin centric company paving a way for a different kind of social media. “We refer to OPA as a social network rather than social media because it’s entirely focused on real life connections,” Brian De Mint, OPA’s Cheif Marketing Officer offered in our interview.

According to a post from De Mint, social media users provide up to $32 worth of data per day to big tech firms like Meta and X, which these companies sell in order to remain profitable. OPA has taken the opposite approach to traditional social media by charging users to join the network.

In doing so, De Mint says they’re able to filter out spammers, scammers, and bots, creating a flourishing ecosystem for building relationships. He said this quality over quantity approach has worked well, with the app experiencing 700% growth year to date.

Organizations like the Intention Alliance are also looking to fix current social media incentive structures. Intention Alliance allows participants to opt in to adverting through providing their intentions. After providing intentions, users are able to earn money for interacting with advertisements.

The efforts will be focused on decentralized social media platforms like NOSTR, with payments fulfilled with bitcoin. According to Tania Lea, a bitcoin business developer associated with the project, the Intention Alliance is already in talks with companies like Walmart and Oxxo, the largest chain of convenience stores in Latin America.

This impact on the way that individuals are able to custody their wealth, build communities, and turn the tables on modern advertising models are trends that are only beginning to shape the way the future looks.

“It has taken us 4,000 years to bring property rights to 1.5 billion people in the year 2023. Bitcoin could easily triple that number to 4.5 billion in the next few decades,” Broyles concluded. He remains optimistic that the positive impacts of these nascent technologies are only just beginning.

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