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Exploring the Gender Gap: Only 6% of Crypto CEOs are Female, Reveals Forex Study

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Blockchain CEOs: Gender Disparity in Crypto Companies

Blockchain CEOs are disproportionately male-dominated, with women making up only 6 per cent of CEO positions within crypto companies, according to Forex Suggest.

The Study

The study surveyed 50 leading crypto and blockchain companies, comparing the influence of their CEOs and the gender disparity in leadership positions. The research revealed:

  • Chainalysis had the best female representation in leadership positions with 46.15 per cent.
  • BitOasis followed closely with 42.86 per cent.
  • However, female staff in leadership roles were still less than the men.

Gender Diversity in Crypto Adoption

Looking at the countries with the most equal adoption of crypto, the research indicated:

  • 47 per cent of crypto share owners in Vietnam are female.
  • 43 per cent in Indonesia.
  • 42 per cent in both Kenya and Colombia.

Expert Commentary

Dr Yi Ding, Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology, commented:

“It is disheartening to learn that such a small amount of crypto company CEOs are women, a statistic highlighting an urgent issue that needs to be addressed as digital currencies grow. While the gender imbalance among C-suite positions is unfortunately not uncommon across the board within the tech and finance sector, crypto, which has been labelled to disrupt the fintech industry, should play a key role in also disrupting this narrative. It’s encouraging to see high statistics from countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, and Colombia, demonstrating that women can and do actively participate in the world of cryptocurrency when given the opportunity. This indicates that gender diversity is achievable and should serve as a model for the industry at large. Therefore, it’s imperative that the industry takes proactive steps to create more opportunities for women to enter and thrive in the crypto field. Encouraging mentorship, providing equal access to education and resources, and fostering an inclusive workplace culture are essential components of this effort.”

Female Leadership in Crypto Companies

In the case of companies Coinbase, Elliptic, Circle, and Anchorage Digital, the remaining data on female leadership demonstrated:

  • Just one-third of their management positions were occupied by women, categorising this as “high-level” female representation.
  • Conversely, at the bottom of the list, Coinrule and Trust Capital both notably lacked any women in leadership roles.

Impact on Engagement and Interest

The data brings great attention to the question: is this affecting engagement from underrepresented groups, and in consequence leading to lower interest in owning cryptocurrency?

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