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Exeter Police Issue Warning Over Bitcoin ATM Scams, Berks Regional News Reports

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The Exeter Township Police Department has issued a warning about a new Bitcoin ATM scam, where fraudsters are extorting their victims. According to Lt. Sean Fullerton from the Exeter Township Police, victims can lose up to $25,000 in one transaction.

In this scam, the criminals first establish a reason for payment, such as a hacked computer or a family member in prison. They then ask for payment to be made through a Bitcoin ATM. The victim is directed to follow the process at the Bitcoin ATM and provide the fraudsters with the QR code that gets printed out. Once the QR code is given, the victim’s money is lost.

Lt. Fullerton emphasizes that it’s not Bitcoin that’s problematic, but the way it is being used by scammers to access information and steal from victims. The best defense, he says, is prevention. He advises that people hang up the phone, delete suspicious emails, and not respond to inquiries directing them to use a Bitcoin ATM.

It’s also recommended to never give your information away and not to pay anyone without doing further verification. The Exeter Township Police Department notes that making arrests in such cases is difficult, as they often lead overseas. Therefore, it’s essential to be vigilant and protect yourself from becoming a victim of this new scam.

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