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Ethereum’s Landmark Split: ERC and EIP Go Separate Ways, Paving the Path for a New Era of Documentation

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“Ethereum’s groundbreaking decision to officially split ERC and EIP heralds a new era of documentation, opening doors to enhanced innovation and efficiency in the world of blockchain development.”

The Ethereum community has finally reached a resolution regarding the division between Ethereum Request for Comments (ERC) and Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP). This development was recently highlighted in the Ethereum Github documentation and confirmed by Chinese reporter Colin Wu on Twitter.

ERC has now been established as the primary avenue for maintaining standardized and high-quality documentation for the Ethereum application layer. This will enable the community to track the evolution of application standards, including historical developments and ongoing improvements.

On the other hand, EIP has been designated as the dedicated framework for enhancing the Ethereum consensus protocol. This distinction allows for more focused and effective governance over the evolution of Ethereum’s underlying consensus mechanisms.

EIP’s primary objective is to establish and maintain standardized, high-quality documentation for Ethereum itself and the conventions built upon the Ethereum blockchain. The authors of EIP are responsible for fostering consensus within the community and documenting any dissenting opinions during the proposal’s evaluation.

EIPs will serve as the principal instruments for proposing new features within Ethereum, gathering technical insights from the community, and preserving a transparent record of the design choices shaping Ethereum’s evolution.

The division between ERC and EIP is the result of years of discussions and deliberations within the Ethereum developer community. It represents an important step towards better organization and governance within the ecosystem.

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