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Ethereum Developers Confirm Delay: Dencun Upgrade Postponed to Next Year

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“Ethereum Developers Confirm: Dencun Upgrade Delayed, Promising Enhanced Features and Improved Scalability in the Works!”

On Thursday, Ethereum client developers announced that the Dencun upgrade will not be implemented this year. The delay is attributed to the need for more work, including changes to the codebase from the Ethereum client Prysm. This revelation came during the All Core Developers call, where the consensus layer client team expressed discomfort with a full client fork on the Goerli testnet. They cited the varied amounts of work needed, including changes from Prysm, as the reasons for the delay. It was also mentioned that testing the update before the December holidays would be challenging.

In recent months, ten developer networks (devnets) have been set up to test the upgrade, but none of them have gone smoothly, according to Pseudonymous Prysm developer Potuz. On the other hand, the execution layer client teams claim to be well-prepared for the upcoming testnets. Lightclient, a Geth developer, stated that they are in a good place and that many things are on Master. However, the consensus reached during the call could potentially stall the execution clients’ plans.

This delay in the Dencun upgrade follows the previous delay in the launch of the Holesky, which was postponed due to parameter mismatches. With these mounting issues on the Ethereum blockchain, the delay in the upgrade could put pressure on the market.

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