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Ethereum Co-founder Points Out Hurdles in Shifting to Proof-of-Stake Network

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“Ethereum co-founder sheds light on the hurdles facing the proof-of-stake network, offering valuable insights for investors looking to navigate the evolving landscape.”

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, recently spoke about the challenges facing Ethereum’s proof-of-stake network at the Ethereum Hong Kong Hackathon. In his discussion, Buterin highlighted issues such as centralized staking, inefficient transaction processing, and layer two scaling difficulties.

One of the main hurdles Buterin identified with layer-two blockchain scaling is the security and decentralization of proof systems like zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs used for off-chain transaction validation. Critics argue that ZK proofs face centralization due to their dependency on hardware.

Another challenge is sequencing decentralization or transaction ordering before block inclusion. While transaction ordering is managed by miners in layer one, it could potentially be controlled by centralized entities in layer two, posing a threat to the security and integrity of the network.

Cross-L2 wallets that facilitate interaction with multiple layer two solutions without wallet switching is another hurdle. And finally, there is the issue of data availability space, which refers to the challenge of storing the entire blockchain data for transaction verification.

Buterin concluded his talk by emphasizing the importance of maintaining a robust base layer while cautiously enhancing certain aspects of its capabilities. This highlights the delicate balance required to evolve Ethereum’s proof-of-stake network while preserving its foundational principles.

These challenges and Buterin’s call for cautious enhancement underline the complexity of evolving a decentralized network like Ethereum. As Ethereum continues to grow and adapt, discussions surrounding these issues will likely remain central to its development strategy.

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