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Ethereum and Bitcoin Price Struggles: Whales Discover Promising Opportunities in the Rapidly Growing GameFi Trend

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The Price Struggles Among Various Crypto Projects

The price struggles among various crypto projects following these last rocky couple of weeks haven’t exempted even the biggest projects. Ethereum and Bitcoin also had major tumbles, leaving their investors and whales in unfavorable conditions. However, the good news is crypto investors and whales have now found hope in this fast-rising GameFi sensation called, Pikamoon (PIKA). With an uptick set for new profitable heights and high returns, it’s about to be a turnaround for ETH and BTC whales as well as other investors once they switch to PIKA.

Ethereum Price Fall Might Not be Ending Soon

Ethereum price indicators continue to exhibit signs of a further bearish trajectory, backed up by the breach of the ascending trendline. This breach has also seen ETH fall below the critical support level of $1,687, paving the way for a possible 27% ETH price fall. Analysts believe ETH could potentially reach the psychological benchmark of $1,200, with intermediate support of $1,366. In addition, the higher EMA 100 has just crossed with the lower EMA 50 from a downward viewpoint, symbolizing a bearish market momentum. Likewise, the histograms of the AO have transitioned to red, with powerful bodies placed below the zero line, showing signs of intensified selling pressure. Considering this tricky situation, experts advise investors to seek alternatives in other promising altcoins as it will have a huge impact on a reversal in the ETH price trend.

Bitcoin Price Prediction Leaves BTC Investors Worried

According to chart analysts, the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) set at around $27,300 has significantly influenced Bitcoin’s price trajectory. The recent candle closures confirm a strong bearish trend. Then, there’s a quick resistance at $26,200. Regardless, that there’s a bearish engulfing candlestick and a two-day candle pattern beneath this level implies the bearish pressure will continue. Should this trend continue, Bitcoin’s price could fall to $25,600, and possibly even lower to $25,200. Still, the breach of the $26,200 resistance could signal the subsequent resistance at $26,800, a momentum that could lead BTC’s price toward levels of $27,300 and eventually $27,600. On the flip side, a breach below $25,200 might signal the possibility of more profound losses, potentially going downward to as low as $24,800.

Pikamoon (PIKA) Provides Ethereum and Bitcoin Whales With Hopes of a Comeback

Ethereum and Bitcoin whales are in luck as savvy investors identify Pikamoon as the hope they seek. Pikamoon is a hybrid meme coin project that combines an advanced play-to-earn metaverse game, Pikamoon Adventure, and a hybrid deflationary token equipped with features inspired by advanced technologies and innovations to offer investors and gamers an easy path to explosive returns.

Pikamoon Features:

  • Pikamoon (PIKA) delivers GameFi uniquely, from the immersive gameplay, to the money-making opportunities, and the fast-growing token.
  • Pikamoon’s GameFi structure maximizes PIKA, positioning it for explosive ROIs by keeping it in demand.
  • The addition of the exchange and in-game trading marketplace spices up the uniqueness of this GameFi setup for gamers and investors.

Pikamoon Makes Expansion Easier

Pikamoon ensures it grows easily by building on two powerful blockchains renowned for NFT and Metaverse excellence, MultiversX (formerly Elrond) and Ethereum. Therefore, the different parts of Pikamoon as a project get spread across both blockchains, allowing Pikamoon to expand and take on any level of user influx easier and faster.

PIKA is Crucial to the Pikamoon Project

PIKA is the project’s utility, reward, exchange, and purchase token. These use cases will boost the token’s demand, increasing the value of the token.

Investors are Already Making Profits in the Ongoing Pikamoon Presale

Pikamoon presale started on a high note right from the first phase recording a 100% price increase and six figures in sales. This drew in several investors and as experts predicted, that led to more profits in subsequent phases as PIKA completed a 300% ROI hitting $0.0006. This surge raised $4 million in PIKA sales. Now, experts predict more profits this year, foreseeing PIKA delivering a potential 10,000% ROI before 2023 ends. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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