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Enhancing Child Safety: Blockchain and AI Revolutionize Tracking and Surveillance Methods

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Innovations in Blockchain and AI for Child Safety

In an increasingly digitised and fast-paced world, ensuring the safety and security of children is essential. Technology has presented unique solutions for the same, making it easier for parents to monitor and stay connected to their children.

Advancements in Blockchain and AI

Going ahead, the combination of blockchain and AI technologies will aid in enhancing child safety measures like monitoring, tracking, and surveillance mechanisms. This synergy will address existing challenges like limited data interoperability, hindering efficient information sharing, privacy concerns with AI-powered surveillance, potential vulnerabilities in blockchain systems, the need for careful AI training to avoid biases, and the delicate balance between safety and children’s autonomy.

Advancements in blockchain and AI will help create a more nuanced approach to child safety. Here’s how:

1. Advanced Monitoring of Online Activities and Preventive Measures

Kids as young as 7-8 years old are spending time online for various activities like games, education, social media content, etc. Therefore, it is crucial that parents are able to access this information as well and know what content their kids are consuming. Blockchain, coupled with AI, can establish decentralised systems to monitor children’s online activities. Smart contracts can supervise digital interactions as well. This will help track content exposure and communication patterns. One of the biggest advantages of this will be that it will empower parents and guardians to proactively identify cyberbullying, predatory behaviour, or inappropriate content. Social media is often an unforgiving space with mean or hurtful comments, and this facility, with the help of blockchain and AI, can help take preventive measures and ensure children’s wellbeing.

2. AI-Enabled Video Analysis for Enhanced Surveillance

AI-powered video analysis systems can process real-time footage from surveillance cameras in areas such as schools and playgrounds. These systems can identify unusual behaviour patterns, unauthorised individuals, or potential threats. By swiftly alerting security personnel to anomalies, AI can enhance response times, reducing the chances of mishaps.

3. Enhanced Vernacular AI Interfaces

India is a diverse market in more ways than one. Therefore, for any solution to be available at scale, it must consider the country’s linguistic diversity. AI interfaces that understand and respond in local languages are one of the major solutions to strengthening child safety in India. These enhanced vernacular AI interfaces have a wide application for parents and children who are not familiar with English or who know and converse in more than one language. Such interfaces will facilitate easy communication, allowing parents to interact with safety systems seamlessly.

4. Blockchain-Enabled Emergency Response Networks

In India’s densely populated areas, blockchain-backed emergency response networks can expedite help during crises. Smart devices can trigger distress signals, and blockchain can ensure swift data transmission to relevant authorities. AI algorithms can process data to assess the severity of situations, enabling prompt and efficient responses.

5. Secure Digital Health Records

One of the major advantages of blockchain is its resilience. Blockchain can help secure sensitive data, such as children’s health records, against data breaches. AI can analyse this health data for insights and keep the parents informed about reminders for vaccinations, appointments, and medications. This comprehensive approach benefits children by ensuring they receive timely medical attention.

The Future of Child Safety

The fusion of blockchain and AI in the child safety landscape, especially in India, holds transformative potential. By addressing localised challenges, blockchain and AI can safeguard young children more effectively. As India propels towards a digitally inclusive future, embracing these innovations can usher in an era of heightened child safety.

The author is co-founder, Mofset Technologies

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