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Discover the Power of BSV Blockchain: Unleashing Speed, Affordability, and Scalability for Zetly

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Innovative Sports Technology: Zetly Fueling Sports Explores Real and Virtual Experiences

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In this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Charles Miller sat down with Rafal Gelner, the co-founder and COO of Zetly Fueling Sports, to discuss the merging of real and virtual experiences for sports enthusiasts, with a focus on football.

Creating Immersive Experiences

  • Zetly Fueling Sports is exploring avenues to create immersive experiences for sports fans.
  • They incorporate elements like NFT gating and near-field communication (NFC) to enhance the experience.
  • NFT gating allows users to access exclusive areas and take part in reward programs.

Pilot Sports Metaverse

Zetly is collaborating with Transmira and Omniscape to launch a pilot sports metaverse.

  • Transmira is creating digital replicas of entire stadiums through photography.
  • Users can virtually explore these venues and interact with others attending the real event.

Accessibility and Community

Zetly aims to make sports experiences more accessible to everyone.

  • It provides access to people who cannot afford to attend real matches or stadiums.
  • The bridging of the physical and digital worlds enhances the sense of community for sports enthusiasts.

Expanding the Metaverse

Rafal envisions the metaverse expanding beyond stadiums to encompass entire cities.

  • Zetly’s all-in-one platform will include NFT gating, utilities, sports quizzes, and support for sports clubs to tokenize and engage their fans.

Choosing BSV Blockchain

Zetly has chosen the BSV blockchain for its enterprise-level capability and scalability.

  • BSV allows for fast and cost-effective transactions, positioning Zetly for growth and adoption.

Upcoming Showcase

Zetly will showcase their innovative solutions and pilot program in Sevilla, Spain, this month.

  • This opportunity will give them exposure to some of the world’s largest sports clubs.

Blockchain Education

Rafal acknowledges the challenge of blockchain education within the sports community.

  • He emphasizes the need for education and awareness to bridge the knowledge gap.

Zetly’s Vision

Zetly Fueling Sports aims to engage sports fans through tokenization and provide immersive experiences in both the real and virtual worlds.

  • Their focus on BSV blockchain’s capabilities and user-friendly subscription models sets them apart.
  • Zetly aims to revolutionize the way sports enthusiasts experience their favorite events.


Zetly Fueling Sports is at the forefront of merging real and virtual experiences for sports enthusiasts.

With their pilot sports metaverse and commitment to accessibility, Zetly is revolutionizing the sports technology industry.


Check out Zetly and Transmira at the World Football Summit Europe in Sevilla, Spain, on September 20-21.

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