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Cybercops Successfully Recover ₹12l Lost in Cryptocurrency Scam, Offering Hope for Victims

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Mysuru: Former Techie Recovers 75% of Lost Money in Cryptocurrency Racket

A former techie in Mysuru was fortunate enough to recover 75% of the money he lost in a cryptocurrency racket. The techie had invested around Rs 16 lakh in cryptocurrency and transferred the amount to 15 different accounts. However, realizing that he had fallen into a scam, he lodged a case with the Cyber police on September 8. The police acted swiftly and froze the bank accounts where the money was sent. They then initiated the process to transfer the money back to the techie’s account. Unfortunately, only Rs 12 lakh could be recovered, as the money that had been moved to another account was challenging to retrieve, according to Police Commissioner Ramesh Banoth.

Commissioner Banoth expressed concern over the increasing number of people falling into online traps and losing large sums of money. He emphasized that even educated individuals have become victims of fraudsters who entice them with fake promises and schemes.

Car Wheel Thieves Arrested in Mysuru

Three youths, including a mechanic and welder, were apprehended in Mysuru for stealing car wheels. The police managed to recover stolen wheels worth Rs 2.6 lakh from the trio. The arrest came after a car owner named Kaisar Jahan reported the theft of four wheels from his vehicle in mid-June at University Layout in Dattagalli.

The Kuvempu Nagar police recently detained the three youths during their beat. Further investigation revealed their involvement in multiple vehicle thefts. The arrest also led to the detection of two similar cases of car wheel theft and two bike thefts, including one in Bengaluru.

The police recovered 12 wheels of three cars, two stolen bikes, and one four-wheeler and two-wheeler used in the commission of the crimes. The antecedents of the accused are currently being verified, and Commissioner Banoth commended the efforts of the Kuvempu Nagar police.

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