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Crypto traders urge caution as Bitcoin price hits 3-month high near $31K

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“Amidst the excitement of Bitcoin’s surge to a 3-month high near $31K, experienced crypto traders emphasize the need for caution, reminding investors of the volatile nature of the market.”

Bitcoin (BTC) reached new three-month highs on October 23rd during the first Asia trading session of the week. The cryptocurrency saw a surge in price, reaching $30,944 on Bitstamp. This marked the first weekly close above $30,000 since the summer, bringing Bitcoin closer to key long-term resistance levels, including the 2023 high at $31,800.

Traders and analysts have been closely watching Bitcoin’s movement at this critical resistance level. While some caution is warranted, many believe that the resistance will eventually give in and lead to an explosive move. Analyst Matthew Hyland pointed out similarities between the current market setup and the period just before the year-to-date high, suggesting that Bitcoin may be primed for another move higher.

In addition to Bitcoin’s rally, altcoins have also been performing well. Unlike previous visits to $30,000, altcoins are surging alongside Bitcoin, rather than falling behind its price. This indicates a positive market setup for cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin. Altcoin positions have been generating significant returns, and traders are optimistic about the coming months.

As of now, Bitcoin is still pressuring the $31,000 level, with the Wall Street open just a few hours away. It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin can break through this resistance and continue its upward momentum.

Disclaimer: This article does not provide investment advice or recommendations. Readers should conduct their own research before making any investment decisions.

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