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Croatia pioneers the world’s first crypto pig farm platform, revolutionizing the agricultural industry –

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Three Croatian Companies Launch Online Platform for Investing in “Crypto Pigs”


Three Croatian companies have collaborated to launch an innovative online platform called GoAgro. This platform allows investors to purchase “crypto pigs” in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The aim of this initiative is to support and revitalize the struggling meat industry in Croatia.

The Companies Behind the Platform

  • Agroporc
  • Beyondi
  • Blok Be

How Does It Work?

Investors can buy NFTs of “crypto pigs” on the GoAgro platform. Each NFT costs €250, which is equivalent to 100 kilograms of pork meat. The plan is to issue a total of 240,000 Pig NFTs, each of which matures in 900 days.

Conversion and Benefits

After the 900-day maturity period, investors have three options:

  1. Roll over the investment
  2. Sell the NFT
  3. Convert the NFT into 107.5 kilograms of actual pork meat

The proceeds from these conversions will be utilized to establish pig farming on two farms owned by Agroporc.

The Director’s Perspective

Kresimir Kuterovac, the director of Agroporc, stated that the main objective of this project is to establish a direct connection between farmers and consumers. He emphasized that pig farming is declining in Europe and is further affected in Croatia due to the recent outbreak of African swine fever. Kuterovac highlighted that Croatia will soon be able to meet only 40% of the domestic demand for pork meat from local production.


The launch of the GoAgro platform by Agroporc, Beyondi, and Blok Be provides an innovative solution to boost the struggling meat industry in Croatia. By investing in “crypto pigs” through NFTs, individuals can contribute to the revival of pig farming and meet the increasing demand for pork meat. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers, ensuring a sustainable and efficient supply chain.

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