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Copper’s Headquarters: Ensuring Trust and Confidence in the Crypto Industry

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Universal Design Studio Puts a Modern Spin on Bank Building Design

Universal Design Studio Puts a Modern Spin on Bank Building Design


Universal Design Studio has transformed the headquarters of cryptocurrency firm Copper located in London’s Broadwick House. The Richard Rogers-designed office has been given a modern makeover, breaking away from traditional bank building design conventions.

Familiar Materials with a Contemporary Twist

  • Marble and walnut have been incorporated into the interiors to provide a sense of assurance
  • Stainless steel, kinetic screens, and dynamic light boxes create an uncanny and cinematic environment

Bringing Together Tradition and Innovation

The design approach combines historic icons of banking architecture with a contemporary lens, creating a familiar yet boundary-pushing space. The architectural landmark of Broadwick House adds to the uniqueness of the design.

A Cinematic Lobby

  • Jesmonite wall panels reference traditional marble-wrapped bank entrances
  • A gold desk, alcove, and gridded lightbox ceiling add a cinematic feel
  • The lobby alludes to unexpected design elements found throughout the building

Privacy and Transparency

The “Copper Core” runs through the building, containing private spaces such as meeting rooms and quiet rooms. These spaces are set back from the exterior facade to provide privacy.

Natural Materials and Tactility

  • Walnut paneling in the meeting rooms adds a feeling of safety and familiarity
  • Stainless steel thresholds create a sense of arrival

Visual Security and Privacy

A copper-toned curtain on each floor level provides visual security and locks down the building at night. The curtain is operated digitally and closes in unison.

Client-Focused Spaces

The top floors of the building are designed for hosting clients, with meeting rooms that have a hospitality focus. Bar and banquette-style seating take advantage of the views across the city.

Unconventional Financial Institution Interiors

Other examples of unique bank building designs include Hana Bank in Seoul with its “floating” meeting room and Citibank Singapore, which resembles a giant conservatory.

Photography by Ed Reeve.

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