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Chris Burniske Identifies Ethereum Rival as Top Non-Consensus Choice for Upcoming Bull Run

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“Unlocking the potential of blockchain technology, One Ethereum Rival emerges as the ultimate ‘non-consensus’ choice, captivating the crypto community and positioning itself as the frontrunner for the upcoming bull run, claims renowned crypto investor Chris Burniske.”

A venture capitalist believes that Solana (SOL) is the best altcoin play for the next bull run in the crypto market. Chris Burniske, a former head of crypto at ARK Invest, compares SOL’s non-consensus status to that of Ethereum in the 2018 bear market. He suggests that when SOL becomes a consensus long, there will be a rush of momentum investors. Burniske also notes that SOL may overcome the level it lost during the collapse of FTX, a now-defunct crypto exchange with ties to Solana. Currently, SOL is trading at $29.51, up over 9% in the last 24 hours. The investor also mentions that venture capitalists who are focused on artificial intelligence are missing out on potential gains in the digital asset space. He believes that the low valuations in Web3 today will lead to significant opportunities in the future.

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