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China Aims for Global Influence in Metaverse Industry with Ambitious Plans for 5 Industrial Clusters by 2025

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China Aims to Build Industrial Clusters for Next-Generation Internet

Key Points:

  • China plans to build “three to five industrial clusters” around emerging technologies by 2025.
  • The clusters will focus on breakthrough applications and governance for the next-generation internet.
  • The metaverse will be applied to various industries, including home appliances, automotive, and aerospace.
  • Manufacturing industries like steel and textiles can optimize their production process with related technologies.

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The policy document was published by five Chinese ministries, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

China’s Long-Term Plan for the Metaverse

The goal is to build a mature metaverse for industrial use to drive new growth in manufacturing.

The plan aims to seize the opportunity of the global acceleration of the metaverse industry.

Key technologies involved include blockchain, advanced electronic components, and other hardware innovations.

The Metaverse and its Importance

The metaverse refers to an immersive virtual world where people can interact like they do in real life.

VR, augmented reality, and mixed reality (MR) technologies are fundamental to the development of the metaverse.

China’s Actions to Promote Metaverse Development

Last November, a national action plan set a goal of growing the MR industry to 350 billion yuan and shipments of 25 million MR devices by 2026.

Some local Chinese governments have issued their own policies to encourage metaverse development.

For example, China’s central Henan province aims to develop a 100 billion yuan metaverse industry by 2025.

The Shanghai government has also established an industry fund of about 10 billion yuan for metaverse development.

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