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CertiK Revolutionizes Crypto with SkyInsightsTM: A Groundbreaking Solution for Enhanced Security

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CertiK Launches SkyInsightsTM to Address Crypto Compliance and Risk Management

SkyInsightsTM: A Solution for Crypto Compliance and Risk Management

Singapore, Sept. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – CertiK, a leader in Web3 smart contract and blockchain security, has launched SkyInsightsTM. This new platform aims to address the increasing demand for crypto compliance and risk management tools in the Web3 industry.

Comprehensive Risk Insights

  • SkyInsightsTM leverages CertiK’s extensive databases to provide users with enriched risk insights.
  • The platform offers more than two billion wallet address and smart contract labels, covering over 150 diverse label categories.
  • Users can gain a comprehensive view of transaction and counterparty risk.

Integration with CertiK’s Security Services

SkyInsightsTM seamlessly integrates with CertiK’s comprehensive suite of security services.

  • The platform offers unmatched wallet screening capabilities.
  • Users can have a better understanding of their transactions and counterparty risks.
  • SkyInsightsTM is essential for businesses with digital asset exposure seeking clarity and control over their risks.

Streamlined Crypto Compliance

SkyInsightsTM is designed to streamline the crypto compliance process.

  • The platform provides automatic audit trails and easy case escalation.
  • Crypto compliance becomes a streamlined process that protects firms and reinforces industry integrity.
  • Real-time updates ensure accurate and timely alerts.

Industry Collaboration with BitMart

BitMart, the first trading platform to adopt SkyInsightsTM, will collaborate with CertiK to enhance technology standards and data accuracy in the Web3 industry.

  • BitMart will fully leverage SkyInsightsTM to assist users in making wiser decisions.
  • The collaboration aims to advance technology standards for Freeze Asset Requests (FAQ) and data labeling.
  • The goal is to enhance data accuracy and coverage for a more secure Web3 industry.

CertiK’s Track Record in Blockchain Security

CertiK has a proven track record in blockchain security.

  • Since 2022, CertiK has detected over 1,100 security incidents involving a total loss of $4.8 billion.
  • The company’s suite of SaaS security products actively monitors and tracks over two billion wallets and smart contract addresses.
  • CertiK has audited over 4,100 Web 3.0 projects, identified nearly 70,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code, and safeguarded digital assets valued at nearly $370 billion.

About CertiK

CertiK is a pioneer in blockchain security, combining expert manual review with AI technology to protect and monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts. The company’s mission is to secure the Web3 world.

  • CertiK has worked with nearly 4,000 enterprise clients and secured over $360 billion worth of digital assets.
  • The company has detected almost 70,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code.
  • Clients include leading projects such as Aptos, Ripple, Sandbox, Polygon, BNB Chain, and TON.

CertiK is backed by InsightPartners, Sequoia, Tiger Global, and other investors.


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