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CCIB Successfully Foils 2.7 Billion Baht Cryptocurrency Scam, Securing Five Culprits

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The Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau Apprehends Five Suspects in 2.7 Billion Baht Cryptocurrency Scam



The Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) has successfully apprehended four individuals from China and one from Laos in connection with a cryptocurrency scam. The scam, which operated through an investment platform called, resulted in a loss of over 2.7 billion baht. At least 3,280 people were deceived by the fraudulent scheme.

Investment Scam Details

  • The victims were tricked into investing in gold and the cryptocurrency USDT.
  • The CCIB’s thorough investigation revealed that the orchestrators of the cryptocurrency scam were involved in other deceptive platforms as well.
  • International law enforcement agencies, including Homeland Security Investigation, collaborated to secure arrest warrants for the five suspects.

Legal Proceedings and Seizure of Properties

The five suspects are being held accountable for collusion in committing transnational crimes, public fraud, disseminating false information into computer systems, and money laundering. The Office of the Attorney General initiated legal proceedings against them on August 10. On September 4, the Anti-Money Laundering Office seized their properties, which are valued at 585 million baht.

Assistance for Victims

Kissana Phathanacharoen, spokesperson for the CCIB, has assured the victims that the Bureau will continue to reach out to them and inform them of their legal rights. Victims can lodge complaints at or via the CCIB’s 1441 hotline, as reported by Bangkok Post.

Impact of Investment Scams

Investment scams have caused the most financial damage among all frauds reported to the police. Many victims have invested their life savings or mortgaged their properties to participate in these scams. They are often lured by strangers or foreigners promising high and guaranteed returns within a short time frame through online platforms or foreign mobile apps.

Preventive Measures

The CCIB advises potential investors to always check the registration number of investment firms to avoid falling victim to cryptocurrency scams. The authenticity of investment websites can also be verified at


The apprehension of the five suspects involved in the 2.7 billion baht cryptocurrency scam is a significant step towards combating cybercrime. The CCIB’s efforts to educate the public and assist victims are commendable in ensuring a safer investment environment.

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