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Breaking News: Sentencing Delayed for NH Man Convicted of Operating Unlicensed Bitcoin Business

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Multiple Women Testify Against New Hampshire Man’s Unlicensed Bitcoin Exchange Business

Restitution Evaluation Postpones Sentencing Hearing

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A federal judge on Monday heard from multiple women who said they were victimized by a New Hampshire man’s unlicensed bitcoin exchange business but postponed a sentencing hearing in the case to evaluate whether restitution is appropriate.


  • Libertarian activist and radio show host, Ian Freeman, created a business that catered to fraudsters targeting elderly women with romance scams.
  • He was convicted of eight charges in December, including operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business and conspiracy to commit money laundering.
  • His conviction on a money laundering charge was later overturned.

Sentencing Delayed

U.S. District Court Judge Joseph LaPlante postponed the sentencing hearing to give Freeman’s attorneys an opportunity to object to the prosecution’s push for restitution as part of the sentence.

Prosecutors argue that Freeman should receive a harsher sentence due to the vulnerability of the victims, many of whom were elderly.

Victims’ Testimonies

During the court session, two victims, Karen Miller and Rebecca Viar, read letters describing their experiences.

  • Karen Miller, a lonely widow from Florida, sent $300,000 to Freeman, wiping out her life’s savings.
  • Rebecca Viar took out three loans and sold her late husband’s truck to send money to the man who deceived her.

Both victims expressed the devastating financial and emotional impact of their experiences, with Viar stating that her ability to trust others has been forever damaged.

Supporters and Bail

Freeman has been free on bail pending his appeal and sentencing. His supporters, who filled the courtroom, gave him a raucous standing ovation upon his entrance.

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