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Block Dojo Philippines: Revolutionizing the Startup Scene with Blockchain Technology

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The Launch of Block Dojo Philippines: Empowering Homegrown Talent


The seed of innovation is now planted with the official launch of Block Dojo Philippines, a 12-week program spearheaded by United Kingdom-based startup incubator Block Dojo.

Powered by nChain

Powered by global tech firm nChain, the incubator program coming to the Philippines was a promise made by nChain Co-founder and Executive Chairman Stefan Matthews in the province of Bataan for a blockchain event in 2022.

Revitalizing the Startup Sector

Establishing Block Dojo Philippines isn’t just about revitalizing the country’s startup sector; it’s also providing an avenue for businesses, regardless of size, to develop services and products with actual use cases that would help the Filipino community thrive, according to nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright.

The Block Dojo Incubator Program

The incubator program may be a ticket for startups to penetrate the global market, but while the Block Dojo Philippines wishes to support all rising entrepreneurs in the country, it could only accommodate and select up to 10 early-stage companies willing to learn and build on the BSV blockchain, added Ball.

Support from the Department of Information and Communications Technology

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is one with nChain and Block Dojo in supporting this initiative, with Associate Secretary Edwin Ligot saying the incubator program is going to be the key to helping build, upskill, and innovate the Philippines’ talent pool.

Excitement for the Future

For Nila Capital Partners Partner AJ, the establishment of Block Dojo Philippines is an exciting time for the country as it seeks to introduce blockchain technology to a broader market, while blockchain enthusiast Kelly Okoro stressed that the initiative would foster greater collaboration among government agencies and the private sector.


With the launch of Block Dojo Philippines, the country is taking a step towards empowering homegrown talent and fostering innovation in the startup sector. This incubator program provides an opportunity for Filipino entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and products with real-world applications, ultimately benefiting the local community and economy.

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