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Bitcoin’s Future in the Next Crypto Bull Market: Coin Bureau Predicts Diminishing Returns

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As the crypto bull market gains momentum, Coin Bureau predicts that Bitcoin may experience diminishing returns, bringing a new dynamic to the ever-evolving landscape of digital currencies.

Coin Bureau host Guy Turner recently shared his insights on the potential future gains of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the next crypto bull market. Turner suggests that Bitcoin’s historical gains indicate a possible 250% increase from its current level. He explains that Bitcoin has shown diminishing returns over time, which is expected as any asset matures. Based on this premise, Turner predicts that Bitcoin could reach a price of around $120,000, in line with other predictions.

As for Ethereum, Turner believes that it could rally by approximately 726% from its current level in the next bull market. He notes that Ethereum has also displayed diminishing returns, following Bitcoin’s lead but one cycle behind. Turner suggests that Ethereum’s top price in the next cycle could be around $15,000, based on its previous gains and current support zone.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $34,308, while Ethereum is worth $1,815. These predictions provide an interesting perspective on the potential future performance of these two major cryptocurrencies.

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