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Bitcoin Scheme Sentencing for Ian Freeman Delayed: Latest Updates on the Case

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A Keene man convicted in a bitcoin scheme will not be sentenced for now.

Judge Delays Sentencing

A federal judge Monday delayed Ian Freeman’s sentencing for a second time because of a debate over restitution. The government said Freeman should have to pay his alleged victims, but his attorneys said he doesn’t.

Unlicensed Virtual Currency Business

Freeman was scheduled to be sentenced on felony charges connected to what prosecutors describe as an unlicensed virtual currency business. The government said Freeman laundered more than $10 million in proceeds of romance scams and other internet frauds by exchanging U.S. dollars for bitcoin.

Proclaiming Innocence

“The whole idea that I had anything at all to do with these scams is absolutely absurd,” Freeman said outside the courthouse Monday. “It’s not true.”

Delay Due to Restitution Questions

Freeman’s sentencing has been delayed due to questions over possible restitution. His attorneys said he should not have to pay, pointing to a pre-sentencing probation report. “We agreed with the probation report on the restitution issue,” said defense attorney Mark Sisti. “In that report, they agreed with us that nobody deserved restitution in this case.”

Prosecutors Argue for Restitution

Prosecutors declined an interview with News 9 but argued in court that Freeman should have to pay his alleged victims. The judge is giving Freeman and his attorneys two weeks to respond. “The judge was gracious enough to allow us to address that, and it will be addressed in a formal pleading,” Sisti said.

Benefits of Not Taking a Plea Deal

“This is one of the benefits of not taking a plea deal,” Freeman said. “You actually get to argue some of these things.”

Restitution Hearing Scheduled

A restitution hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 2.

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