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Bitcoin (BTC) Supply Dwindling: Only 12% of Total Supply Left to Purchase

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The scarcity of Bitcoin is becoming increasingly apparent, with only 12% of the total supply remaining to be purchased, making it a highly sought after and valuable asset.

The Bitcoin market is experiencing a significant shift as the scarcity of the cryptocurrency becomes more apparent. Data has revealed that a staggering 88% of Bitcoin’s total supply has not been moved in at least three months, signaling a strong commitment from long-term investors.

The concept of “HODLing” is evident in the behavior of Bitcoin investors, as the majority of the cryptocurrency has not been traded or sold for extended periods. This trend reinforces the narrative of scarcity and the intrinsic value that investors see in Bitcoin.

As the market grapples with the realization that only 12% of Bitcoin is actively circulating, the principle of scarcity suggests an inevitable increase in value. With a limited supply available for potential buyers, competition to acquire Bitcoin is expected to intensify.

Charts depicting Bitcoin’s HODL Waves and price action indicate an upward trajectory, with the price being supported by increasing moving averages. This serves as a bullish indicator for market analysts and reflects the market’s response to the scarcity of Bitcoin.

In essence, Bitcoin is evolving into a rare asset, and as the supply becomes more illiquid, potential buyers may face stiff competition, ultimately driving prices higher. It’s not just about who will buy Bitcoin, but who can afford to buy it amidst its growing scarcity.

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