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Bitcoin BSC’s Viral Presale Achieves Remarkable Success, Selling Out 50% of Soft Cap

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Trending Cryptocurrency Bitcoin BSC Sells Out 50% Of Soft Cap In Viral Presale

The Hype Around Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) is Heating Up

Bitcoin BSC Presale Soars Past 50% of Soft Cap in Two Weeks

The hype around Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) is heating up, with the project’s presale having sold out 50% of its soft cap goal in just two weeks. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, BTCBSC aims to combine Bitcoin’s nostalgia with real-world utility, offering a completely unique crypto experience. Due to its high staking rewards and low presale price, many early backers believe Bitcoin BSC could be positioned as the next big thing in the crypto market this year.

Bitcoin BSC’s presale traction has been exceptional, achieving half its soft cap goal in a fortnight. This early success speaks volumes about the reception to the project, especially from those who may have missed the original Bitcoin’s bull run. By offering a second chance to get involved in a Bitcoin-style asset for just $0.99, Bitcoin BSC’s developers aim to attract both new and seasoned investors. Moreover, by utilizing the power of the Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin BSC can offer faster transactions, reduced fees, and enhanced scalability – making it an appealing option for those seeking an alternative to the Bitcoin network. This combination of factors has resulted in exponential growth within the Bitcoin BSC Telegram channel, with new members joining daily to learn more about the development team’s ambitions. Although the development team has hinted at additional use cases for BTCBSC in the future, the specifics remain under wraps – fueling further anticipation within the rapidly growing community.

Crypto Influencers Jump on Bitcoin BSC Bandwagon

Interestingly, the buzz around Bitcoin BSC isn’t limited to just presale fundraising. The project has quickly garnered the attention of high-profile crypto YouTubers, who have shed light on the token’s novel approach. Joe Parys Crypto, a YouTuber with 382,000 subscribers, recently uploaded a video describing BTCBSC as one of the “top 5 Bitcoin alternatives under $100 set to explode”. Fellow YouTuber Jacob Bury also released a video discussing Bitcoin BSC, stating that it could be a crypto presale that results in 10x (or more) returns. Bitcoin BSC has also been featured on some of the crypto industry’s most reputable websites, including CryptoSlate, CoinMarketCap, and Cointelegraph. Mainstream news outlets like Yahoo Finance have also picked up on the project’s momentum, with Bitcoin BSC even being featured in the top spot on ICOBench’s list of upcoming ICOs to watch. Such widespread recognition from social media influencers and traditional news media emphasizes Bitcoin BSC’s promise in the ever-evolving presale space.

Unique Staking Protocol Fuels Buzz Around BTCBSC

Adding to Bitcoin BSC’s early momentum is that it isn’t just another token with no utility trying to take advantage of the original Bitcoin’s success. Instead, Bitcoin BSC’s team has created a unique staking protocol that simulates Bitcoin’s original block reward system, designed to pay out BTCBSC tokens every 10 minutes. According to Bitcoin BSC’s staking dashboard, stakers can earn yields of 266% per year, with nearly one million tokens pledged already. Furthermore, Bitcoin BSC’s tokenomics have been designed with sustainability in mind, given that 69% of the total BTCBSC supply has been earmarked exclusively for staking rewards. Meanwhile, 29% of the supply is allocated to presale investors, ensuring that early backers are rewarded for their trust in the project. This fair tokenomics setup, combined with Bitcoin BSC’s unique branding, has positioned it as a standout contender in the crowded crypto market. With Bitcoin BSC’s presale trending to hit its soft cap target in the coming weeks, many crypto enthusiasts are taking a keen interest – marking it as a project that investors may wish to keep an eye on.

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