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Activists Target World’s Largest Bitcoin Polluter in Texas During Week of Action

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Greenpeace USA is preparing for an action week in Texas to raise awareness about the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining. In collaboration with local activist groups, the organization aims to address the energy and water consumption involved in the process, which is set to increase significantly with the opening of the world’s largest Bitcoin mine in Corsicana, Texas, by Riot Platform, next year.

The state of Texas has attracted crypto-miners due to lenient regulations, affordable electricity, and the opportunity to profit from demand and reserve response programs by The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). These programs pay crypto-miners for committing to shut down when requested and offer additional incentives for compliance.

This unprecedented growth of Bitcoin mining is not only burdening the Texas grid and increasing electricity rates for consumers and businesses but also undermining global efforts to combat climate change. Notably, it provides a lifeline to the fossil fuel industry, which contradicts the mission of achieving a sustainable future.

To fight against these practices, a week of action has been planned, which includes a variety of events such as a town hall meeting, an action at the Riot Platforms site, a day of communications featuring a press conference, and a celebration of community action. Through these events, Greenpeace USA and its allies aim to educate locals about the environmental implications of the Bitcoin mine and demand better regulations for Texas and the planet.

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