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ABN AMRO Empowers Green Finance with Digital Bond Issuance on Public Blockchain

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ABN AMRO Registers €5 Million Green Bond Issuance on Public Blockchain

Dutch bank ABN AMRO announced today that it has used a public blockchain to register a tokenized €5 million ($5.3m) green bond issuance on behalf of real estate firm Vestada. The proceeds from the issuance will be used to refinance green assets. Germany’s Dekabank has purchased the full issuance.

Entire Process Digital

ABN AMRO stated that the entire process, including preparation, placing, and documentation, was digital. The bank also provided digital asset custody services.

Previous Experience with Ethereum and Stellar

ABN AMRO has previous experience with Ethereum and Stellar blockchains. In January, it helped APOC Aviation issue a €450,000 bond on the Stellar blockchain. The bank has not disclosed which public blockchain was used for this green bond issuance.

Partnerships for Issuance and Wallet

ABN AMRO partnered with Tokeny for the issuance of the green bond and Fireblocks for the digital wallet.

Blockchain Sandbox Participation

ABN AMRO is currently participating in the EU Blockchain Sandbox for a deposit token project.

DekaBank’s Activity in Digital Securities Space

DekaBank, the buyer of the full issuance, is also actively involved in the digital securities space. Earlier this year, it invested in the Siemens digital bond on the Polygon public blockchain. DekaBank is the founder of SWIAT, a blockchain securities platform supported by LBBW and Standard Chartered. SWIAT provides a digital securities registry, including for bonds, on a permissioned blockchain.

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