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ABN Amro Boosts Transparency and Efficiency with Digital Green Bond Registration on Blockchain

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ABN Amro Registers Digital Green Bond on Public Blockchain

ABN Amro Registers Digital Green Bond on Public Blockchain

ABN Amro has become the first Dutch bank to register a digital green bond on a public blockchain.

Entire Process Digitized

  • The entire process of preparing, placing, and documenting the bond was digital.
  • Vesteda raised EUR5 million from DekaBank through this digital bond.

Ownership Recorded on Blockchain

  • Ownership of the bond was recorded on the blockchain using tokens.
  • Investors acquired tokens after paying for the bond.
  • ABN Amro used a wallet for accessing the digital bond and provided digital custody services.

Previous Digital Bond Registrations

ABN Amro had previously registered a digital bond for a Midcorp client on the public blockchain. The bank has also purchased a digital bond from the European Investment Bank for reselling.

Olivier Aartsen, head of debt capital markets at ABN Amro, says: “We will continue to advise other clients and investors in this area and aim to further support multiple digital bond issuances in the future.”

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