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Prevention Of Specific Cell Death Likely Tool To Thwart Rheumatoid Arthritis

A recent study in mice revealed that the mechanism of death of a particular cell can cause rheumatoid arthritis. The researchers said that putting a stop to this mechanism can prevent people from this condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an incessant autoimmune condition which is further characterized by stiffness and pain in joints because of inflammation inside the lining of joints. The most common risk factors involved in RA disease are age (people who are of age more than 60), sex (it is more prominent in women) and specific genes expression.

Arthritis Foundation revealed that in the United States, adults up to 54 million have been diagnosed for arthritis. Another data shows that the effect of RA is approximately 1 % of the population of the world.  As this condition is spreading, scientists do not have enough information about the actual causes of the disease, which concluded that even doctors are facing problems in finding an effective solution to this disease.

For the condition of auto-inflammatory disease, recently, the teams from various research institutions like VIB institute, Ghent University, Cologne University, Tokyo University, etc, had worked on mouse models for finding solutions.

These teams did a study on the key mechanism of the cause and prevention of the Rheumatoid Arthritis disease. This recent report is going to play an important role in finding solutions for diseases caused by inflammatory conditions. The scientists said that keeping this mechanism as the target will help in finding a solution to the problems occurring due to this disease.

After more precise researches done by scientists, a new report has come, which reveals that A20 protein can prevent inflammation causing at joints and will stop arthritis spread.  The researchers explained that the bad functioning of A20 is causing inflammatory diseases and inflammation in humans and mice.

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