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Cybercrime Groups Follow The Corporate Culture

Researchers from IT giants IBM and Google have revealed that cybercriminal gangs operate like organized corporates and compete among themselves for the best leaders that can train and equip their teams to carry out operations to steal money from unsuspecting victims. According to head of threat intelligence for IBM Caleb Barlow, these gangs are disciplined and have standard operations like office hours, holiday and weekend offs. Organized cybercrime groups have leaders that hire subcontractors to carry out their work. These malicious hackers have determined goals and are able to structure their operations parallel to the economy.

According to Christopher Scott leader of IMB’s X-Force response team that responds to security incidents, not all cybercriminal gangs work likewise and they generally have a senior leader like a CEO that hires and leads project manager that have different goals to conduct concentrated attacks of various targets with their own freelancer teams to avoid detection. If their aim is to steal money and information then a group of project managers will divide activities among themselves according to their capabilities. While targeting a company specialist in different kinds of malicious software generally buy customized products to steal the type of information required by their group.

After this another project manager starts sending fraudulent emails with malicious software to the target and on successful delivery of the software a third person will expand access of the group within target organization and steal information of the corporate which can be sold in the black market. The team from IBM demonstrated a graphic representation of how a 120 day hacking operation can be targeted successfully at a Fortune 500 company by a criminal gang. Researchers say that criminal groups compete and collaborate among themselves to share information and maintain malware that can be used against unsuspecting people. In recent years ransom-ware creators are very popular as they provided gateways to criminals to hack into back accounts and steal money along with money laundering specialists.

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